Picture: Stian Rognlid, Aquaticode CEO



We recently participated in a podcast with Leaders on a Mission.


Part of the conversation is highlighted below:





We operate with a lean organization. This means that we cannot afford to make bad hiring decisions.


Working in an early-stage company means that change—hopefully—happens quickly. Individuals must thrive in somewhat undefined roles, embracing significant problem-solving components and leveraging creativity. Innovation is, after all, at the heart of what we do.


Success in our team demands not just excellence in the current role but also the ambition, potential, and adaptability to excel in tomorrow’s challenges. This brings tremendous development opportunities. Everyone must evolve with the company, contributing to our championship team characterized by curiosity, courage, capability, and caring.


Our policy is to hire the best candidate independent of location. This gives us an added dimension of diversity, which, in itself, is a tremendous asset, because, as Walter Lippmann put it: “Where everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much.”


While we remain flexible on location, our commitment to the right fit is unwavering. Aquaticode’s Chairman often conducts initial interviews, using his keen intuition to gauge cultural fit and team dynamics.


Having the patience to hire slowly is key—but then we move quickly and decisively when we find the right person.


Because … it’s all about people.





See the recording for more.