Picture: Vitor Vecina (AI Engineer), Adriana Castellano (Country Manager Chile), and Christoph Podes (COO)



The SORTpro has now officially launched!


We are excited to announce the launch of the SORTpro, after having been put to the test over time and at scale by Salmones Camanchaca.


The SORTpro is a state-of-the-art machine that uses a combination of non-invasive imaging technologies, artificial intelligence, and automation to scan, classify, and sort 20-100g salmon smolt according to characteristics such as gender*, maturation**, and other important performance traits. It can process up to 10,000 fish per hour at more than 97% accuracy, requiring minimal training and effort.


In the near term, the machine will gain new capabilities such as the ability to identify deformities and disease resistance. We also have ongoing and planned proof-of-concepts to further expand the SORTpro‘s functionality through over-the-air updates.


Take a look at the video below for more information, and feel free to reach out on info@aquaticode.com.


We want to give a huge thanks to the team, whose curiosity, courage, and capability have brought this product to life. We are also deeply grateful for the invaluable contributions from our early customers, partners, advisors, ecosystem, and owners.


*Mono-gender stocks can be 20% more efficiently managed than mixed. One example is harvest, where the faster growth in males allows a higher frequency of production cycles, and female stocks can reach ideal slaughter weight without risking an increase in precocious males (resulting in lower quality).


**Early maturation in males leads to quality downgrade and lower production yield. While the rate of maturation varies from batch to batch, 5% is not uncommon. This leads to production losses of USD 0.15 per fish, considering a smolt price of USD 3 (although the actual number is higher as many matured fish are reared to harvest size).