Picture: Vitor Vecina, Aquaticode AI Engineer



A robust patent portfolio offers a long-term competitive edge, as it safeguards both the:

– Use of the patented technology in its respective markets, and the

– Application of the invention in creating products sold within those markets, regardless of where they were produced.


From 2019 onwards, we have been proactively working with Pillsbury, a top-tier patent firm headquartered in New York, to develop an international patent portfolio covering our activities and product offerings.


We are proud to announce that our patent for “methods and systems for identifying internal conditions in juvenile fish through non-invasive means” has been approved in two major salmon markets, Chile (the second-largest producer) and the U.S. (the largest importer).


This is one of the cornerstone patents in the SORTpro, as it gives us an extensive advantage within said markets in offering AI-based solutions for gender sorting salmon early in its life cycle (into mono-gender batches).


Aquaticode is still a young company, and our longevity depends on our ability to think outside the box – and to maintain control of our breakthroughs. A big thanks to our team of innovators, as well as legal advisors, partners, and customers for their continued support.


We will keep researching how salmon and shrimp farmers can leverage artificial intelligence to produce more with less.