Picture: Ana Silva (Chief Innovation Officer)



Aquaticode joins industry titans to combat nephrocalcinosis


Aquaticode is proud to participate in the NephroReduce project, funded by FHF, alongside fourteen industrial and academic partners. This project targets nephrocalcinosis, aiming to reduce its impact on aquaculture through better mitigation strategies.


Nephrocalcinosis involves the deposition of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate in the kidneys, impairing renal function, affecting fish health, growth, and is a leading cause of mortality. It’s a significant concern in aquaculture, particularly for salmon, where it can lead to substantial economic losses and welfare issues.


Our contribution focuses on developing a feature for our existing SORTpro platform, capable of scanning and sorting 10,000 juvenile fish per hour, to classify different degrees of nephrocalcinosis, creating early intervention opportunities. This effort leverages our existing infrastructure (HW, SW, AI) and R&D approach to address a critical industry challenge.


Partners include University of Bergen, University of British Columbia, University of Gothenburg, NOFIMA, Moredun Research Institute, Patogen, Skretting, MOWI, Cermaq, Lerøy, Osland, Hofseth, Hima, and NCE Seafood Innovation, ensuring a well-rounded approach to tackling nephrocalcinosis.