Picture: Stian Rognlid, Aquaticode CEO



Stian Rognlid, CEO of Aquaticode, recently shared his insights with iFinnmark on the imminent advancements in the aquaculture industry and the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in realizing these developments.


Highlighted parts of the interview:





There is a transformative impact of the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by the fusion of AI and automation, on various sectors. There is rapid technological adoption in agriculture, with examples including seed sorting and the use of autonomous tractors. In aquaculture, the question is not about ‘if’ or ‘to what extent’ these changes will occur, but rather ‘how quickly’ they will be implemented.


Addressing the challenge of feeding the future is crucial, and the potential of aquaculture, especially salmon farming, is significant due to its high nutritional value and comparatively lower production footprint. Despite certain growth limitations, there is optimism about the industry’s progress and its untapped potential.


While there is no single solution for producing sufficient food within environmental limits, AI will significantly contribute to reducing labor costs and enhancing productivity in the aquaculture sector. This advancement will enable more sustainable and efficient production of seafood.





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