Picture: Stian Rognlid (Chief Executive Officer)



North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2024: Innovating aquaculture through R&D


We were honored to present at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, showcasing our latest advancements in aquaculture technology and research.


Our commitment to R&D is unwavering. With over 15 industrial research partnerships with leading aquaculture companies, Aquaticode rapidly advances from initial ideas to proof of concept using minimal data sets. Our proprietary data collection and six patent families for non-invasive juvenile fish analysis and classification give us a unique competitive edge.


We discussed the significant impact of advanced fish sorting for género and other performance traits on productivity, which is estimated to enhance by 15-35%. This not only increase fish’ performance, welfare, and mortality, as well as the optimizes production cycles and planning, but also contributes to a reduction in waste, pollution, and the impact on wild stocks. We highlighted the need for solutions like SORTpro to overcome the current challenges of manual and low-tech sorting methods, and also hinted at some of the future developments to the platform.


Reflecting on our time at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, we’re energized by the industry’s response to our initiatives and the potential of our SORTpro technology to make a lasting impact. The forum is a valuable platform for sharing ideas and fostering collaborations that will drive the future of aquaculture.