Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)



Our Gender Equality Plan (GEP), is a comprehensive framework outlining our commitment to fostering a workplace that champions gender equality across various dimensions. This GEP aligns with Horizon Europe’s recommended content-related requirements and minimum mandatory process-related requirements, showcasing our dedication to creating an inclusive and equitable work environment.


Content-related actions

  • Work–Life Balance and Organisational Culture: Aquaticode actively promotes work–life balance by offering flexible work arrangements and comprehensive support for employees facing caregiving responsibilities.
  • Gender Balance in Leadership and Decision-Making: Aquaticode is committed to achieving gender balance in leadership roles. We implement mentorship programs and provide equal opportunities for professional growth, ensuring a diverse representation in decision-making processes.
  • Gender Equality in Recruitment and Career Progression: Our recruitment processes are designed to be unbiased and merit-based, fostering equal opportunities for all candidates. Career progression is guided by transparent and fair practices that eliminate gender-based disparities.
  • Integration of the Gender Dimension into Research and Teaching Content: Aquaticode actively supports initiatives that encourage women to pursue careers in STEM and other underrepresented fields, promoting gender-balanced perspectives in our research endeavors.
  • Measures Against Gender-Based Violence, Including Sexual Harassment: Aquaticode has a zero-tolerance policy for gender-based violence, including sexual harassment. We provide a safe and supportive environment, with robust mechanisms to address and prevent such incidents. Employees are encouraged to report any concerns promptly.


Process-related actions

  • Public Document: This GEP is to be set as a public document, available on our official website, signed by top management, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and accountability. We actively communicate the GEP within our organization to raise awareness and encourage active participation.
  • Dedicated Resources: Aquaticode commits to providing sufficient resources and expertise to implement our GEP successfully. We recognize the importance of investing in gender equality initiatives to create a lasting impact on our organizational culture.
  • Data Collection and Monitoring: We undertake the collection and analysis of sex-disaggregated data on personnel, ensuring transparency and accountability, and allowing us to track and enhance our gender equality efforts.
  • Training: Aquaticode’s GEP includes comprehensive awareness-raising and training activities on gender equality for our entire organization. We provide specific training on unconscious gender biases for staff and decision-makers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

    Aquaticode is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where all individuals, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute meaningfully. Through our Gender Equality Plan, we aim to inspire positive change, both within our organization and in the broader community.