Aquaticode is breaking biological boundaries through innovation.

Aquaticode is bringing to the aquaculture sector the most innovative AI technologies that are already revolutionizing healthcare through precision medicine, and agriculture through precision farming methods. Aquaticode does this by providing non-intrusive, image-based insight into every fish (or other species) for:


Trait detection

Phenotypic prediction

This allows decision-making on an individual basis that:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Lowers mortality
  • Improves visibility and predictability

Aquaticode brings together unrivalled expertise in:

  • AI, Machine Vision and genetics
  • Phenotype / genotype interactions and phenotypic prediction, including in multivariate cases
  • Heritability and separating genetic effects from environmental effect

This allows us to achieve unprecedented results with small sample sizes.

“Aquaticode’s technological solutions for predicting fish characteristics and phenotypes can allow the industry to see things never imagined, making science fiction a reality.”

Torben Svejgard
Former CEO of BioMar

Aquaticode is part of Nacre Capital, a leading AI group.

Nacre Capital is focused on the life sciences that are revolutionizing healthcare, through precision medicine and agriculture through precision farming.

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Aquaticode brings innovative AI technologies to the aquaculture sector.