About Aquaticode

We are a leader in the blue food
revolution, and a go-to innovation
partner across the value chains of
multiple aquatic species



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Aquaticode was founded by Nacre Capital, a venture builder for AI within the life sciences


Our sister companies include FDNA, Fairtility, Seed-X and Face.com (acquired by Facebook)



Artificial intelligence can recognize patterns with incredible accuracy in the blink of an eye


Our AI is rooted in a deep learning infrastructure.
It has been trained to predict fish and shrimp phenotypes through machine vision. In other words: It sees the unseen and knows the unknown

“Aquaticode’s technology empowers the industry to do things never imagined, making science fiction a reality”



Torben Svejgaard
Former CEO of BioMar



Our behavioral code
turns good intentions
into great results


Innovation will happen where we’re not yet looking


Pioneering is in our DNA


People are our true multiplier


Relationships are the foundation of this company



We are an international team of entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, technologists, and industry thought leaders


Stian Rognlid
Stian Rognlid CEO Bio │ Linkedin
Christoph Podes
Christoph Podes COO Bio │ Linkedin
Ana Silva
Ana Silva CIO Bio │ Linkedin
Aviram Bar Haim
Aviram Bar Haim CTO Bio │ Linkedin
Yoni Donner
Yoni Donner AI R&D Lead Bio │ Linkedin
Adriana Castellano
Adriana Castellano Country Manager for Chile Bio │ Linkedin
Rosario Herrera
Rosario Herrera Finance Manager Bio │ Linkedin

Board and Advisory

Al Brenner
Al Brenner Chairman & Co-Founder Bio │ Linkedin
Moti Shniberg
Moti Shniberg Board Member & Co-Founder Bio │ Linkedin
Einar Wathne
Einar Wathne Aquaculture Advisor Bio │ Linkedin
Torben Svejgaard
Torben Svejgaard Aquaculture Advisor Bio │ Linkedin
John Buchanan
John Buchanan Aquaculture Advisor Bio │ Linkedin
Gil David
Gil David AI Advisor Bio │ Linkedin


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